The Passion and Exaltation of Christ.
1 Thus saith the Ruler of the skies,
"Awake, my dreadful sword;
"Awake, my wrath and smite the man,
"My fellow," saith the Lord.

2 Vengeance receiv'd the dread command,
And armed down she flies,
Jesus submits t' his Father's hand,
And bows his head and dies.

3 But O! the wisdom and the grace
That join with vengeance now!
He dies to save our guilty race,
And yet he rises too.

4 A person so divine was he
Who yielded to be slain,
That he could give his soul away,
And take his life again.

5 Live, glorious Lord, and reign on high,
Let every nation sing,
And angels sound with endless joy
The Saviour and the King.

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