Youth and Judgment, Eccles. 11 9
1 Ye sons of Adam, vain and young,
Indulge your eyes, indulge your tongue,
Taste the delight your souls desire,
And give a loose to all your fire.

2 Pursue the pleasures ye design,
And cheer your hearts with songs and wine,
Enjoy the day of mirth; but know
There is a day of judgment too.

3 God from on high beholds your thoughts,
His book records your secret faults;
The works of darkness you have done
Must all appear before the sun.

4 The vengeance to your follies due
Should strike your hearts with terror thro':
How will ye stand before his face,
Or answer for his injur'd grace?

5 Almighty God, turn off their eyes
From these alluring vanities;
And let the thunder of thy word
Awake their souls to fear the Lord.

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