The Strength of Christ's Love, and the Soul's Jealousy of Her Own, Cant. 8 5 6 7 13 14
1 [Who is this fair one in distress,
That travels from the wilderness?
And press'd with sorrows and with sins,
On her beloved Lord she leans.

2 This is the spouse of Christ our God,
Bought with the treasure of his blood;
And her request and her complaint
Is but the voice of every saint.]

3 "O let my name engraven stand,
"Both on thy heart and on thy hand:
"Seal me upon thine arm; and wear
"That pledge of love for ever there.

4 "Stronger than death thy love is known,
"Which floods of wrath could never drown;
"And hell and earth in vain combine
"To quench a fire so much divine.

5 "But I am jealous of my heart,
Lest it should once from thee depart;
"Then let thy name be well impress'd
As a fair signet on my breast.

6 "Till thou hast brought me to thy home,
"Where fears and doubts can never come,
"Thy count'nance let me often see,
"And often thou shalt hear from me.

7 "Come, my beloved, haste away,
"Cut short the hours of thy delay,
"Fly like a youthful hart or roe
"Over the hills where spices grow."

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