Christ Appearing to his Church, and Seeking Her Company, Cant. 2 1-13.
1 The voice of my beloved sounds
Over the rocks and rising grounds,
O'er hills of guilt, and seas of grief,
He leaps, he flies to my relief.

2 Now thro' the veil of flesh I see
With eyes of love he looks at me;
Now in the gospel's clearest glass
He shews the beauties of his face.

3 Gently he draws my heart along
Both with his beauties and his tongue;
"Rise," saith my Lord, "make haste away;
"No mortal joys are worth thy stay.

4 "The Jewish wintery state is gone,
"The mists are fled, the spring comes on,
"The sacred turtle-dove we hear
"Proclaim the new, the joyful year.

5 "Th' immortal vine of heavenly root
"Blossoms and buds, and gives her fruit:"
Lo, we are come to taste the wine;
Our souls rejoice and bless the vine.

6 And when we hear our Jesus say,
"Rise up, my love, make haste away!"
Our hearts would fain out-fly the wind,
And leave all earthly loves behind.

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