Christ Our High Priest and King, and Christ Coming to Judgment, Rev. 1 5 6 7
1 Now to the Lord that makes us know
The wonders of his dying love,
Be humble honours paid below,
And strains of nobler praise above.

2 'Twas he that cleans'd our foulest sins,
And wash'd us in his richest blood;
'Tis he that makes us priests and kings,
And brings us rebels near to God.

3 To Jesus our atoning priest,
To Jesus our superior king,
Be everlasting power confess'd,
And every tongue his glory sing.

4 Behold, on flying clouds he comes,
And every eye shall see him move;
Tho' with our sins we pierc'd him once,
Then he displays his pardoning love.

5 The unbelieving world shall wail
While we rejoice to see the day:
Come, Lord; nor let thy promise fail,
Nor let thy chariots long delay.

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