Remember, Holy Mary

Remember, holy Mary

St. Bernard
Tr. Rev. M. Russell, S.J. from a Slovak Hymnal
Adapted by N.A.M.


Remember, Holy Mary,
'Twas never heard or known
That any one who sought thee
And made to thee his moan,
That any one who hastened
For shelter to thy care,
Was ever yet abandoned
And left to his despair.

And so to thee, my Mother,
With filial faith I call,
For Jesus dying gave thee
As Mother to us all.
To thee, O Queen of virgins,
O Mother meek, to thee
I run with trustful fondness,
Like child to mother's knee.

See at thy feet a sinner,
Groaning and weeping sore
Ah! Throw thy mantle o'er me,
And let me stray no more.
Thy Son has died to save me,
And from His throne on high
His heart this moment yearneth
For even such as I.

All, all His love remember,
And oh! Remember too
How prompt I am to purpose,
How slow and frail to do.
Yet scorn not my petitions,
But patiently give ear,
And help me, O my Mother,
Most loving and most dear.

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