Whither Thus, in Holy Rapture?

Whither thus, in holy rapture?
Quo sanctus ardor te rapit

The Visitation
Translated by the Rev. E. Caswall from a Slovak Hymnal Arr. by N. A. M.


Wither thus in holy rapture,
Royal maiden, art thou bent?
Why so fleetly art thou speeding
Up the mountain's rough ascent?
Filled with th'Eternal Godhead!
Glowing with the Spirit's flame!
Love it is that bears the onward,
And supports thy tender frame.

Lo thine aged cousin claims thee,
Claims thy sympathy and care;
God her shame from her hath taken,
He hath heard her fervent pray'r.
Blessed Mothers! Joyful meeting!
Thou in her, the hand of God,
She in thee, with lips inspired,
Owns the Mother of her Lord.

As the sun, his face concealing,
In a cloud withdraws from sight,
So in Mary then lay hidden
He Who is the world's true light.
Honor, glory, virtue, merit,
Be to Thee, O Virgin's Son!
With the Father, and the Spirit,
While eternal ages run.

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