O Food to Pilgrims Given

O Food to Pilgrims Given
O Esca Viatorum

17th Century
H. Isaak (1493)
Translated by Rt. Rev. Msgr. H. T. Henry, Litt.D.
Harmonized by J. S. Bach


O Food of pilgrims given,
Bread of the hosts of Heaven
Thou Manna of the sky!
Feed with the blessed sweetness,
Of Thy divine completeness
The hearts that for Thee sigh.

O Fountain ruby glowing,
O stream of love outflowing
From Jesus' pierc-ed Side!
This thought alone shall bless us
This one desire possess us,
To drink of Thy sweet tide.

We love Thee, Jesu tender
Who hid'st Thine awful splendor
Beneath these veils of grace:
O let the veils be riven,
And our clear eye in heaven
Behold Thee face to face!

Copyright 1920 by N. A. M.
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