Thee Prostrate I Adore

Thee prostrate I adore
(Adoro Te devote)

St. Thomas Aquinas
Translated by Father Aylward, O. P.
Nicola A. Montani

Moderato devoto

Thee prostrate I adore, The Deity that lies
Beneath these humble veils, Concealed from human eyes; My heart doth wholly yield, Subjected to Thy sway,
For contemplating Thee it wholly faints away.

Hail, Jesus, hail; do Thou, Good Shepherd of the sheep, Increase in all true hearts the faith they fondly keep.

The sight, the touch, the taste, In Thee are here deceived; But by the ear alone this truth is safe believed;
I hold whate'er the Son of God hath said to me;
Than this blest word of truth no word can truer be,

I see not with mine eyes, Thy Wounds, as Thomas saw; Yet own Thee for my God with equal love and awe;
Oh grant me, that my faith may ever firmer be,
That all my hope and love may still repose in Thee.

Memorial sweet, that shows the death of my dear Lord; Thou living bread, that life dost unto man afford;
Oh grant, that this my soul may ever live on Thee,
That Thou mayst evermore its only sweetness be.

Copyright 1920 by N. A. M.
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