My Spirit on Thy Care


[862]St. Michael:

Louis Bourgeois, 1551;

Arr. William Crotch, 1836

Psalm 31

Henry F. Lyte, 1834

My spirit on Thy care,

Blest Savior, I recline;

Thou wilt not leave me to despair,

For Thou art love divine.

In Thee I place my trust,

On Thee I calmly rest;

I know Thee good, I know Thee just,

And count thy choice the best.

Whate'er events betide,

Thy will they all perform:

Safe in Thy breast my head I hide,

Nor fear the coming storm.

Let good or ill befall,

It must be good for me;

Secure in having Thee in all,

Of having all in Thee.


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