[33]11 O Trinity of blessed light
[34]12 O Brightness of the immortal Father's face
[35]13 The day is gently sinking to a close
[36]14 The radiant morn hath passed away
[37]15 Through the day thy love has spared us
[38]16 Holy Father, cheer our way
[39]17 The sun is sinking fast
[40]18 Abide with me: fast falls the eventide
[41]19 Softly now the light of day
[42]20 Sun of my soul, thou Savior dear
[43]21 The day is past and gone
[44]22 The shadows of the evening hours
[45]23 The day is past and over
[46]24 Savior, breathe an evening blessing
[47]25 All praise to thee, my God, this night
[48]26 God, that madest earth and heaven
[49]27 Now from the altar of my heart
[50]28 Before the ending of the day
[51]29 The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended
[52]30 As now the sun's declining rays
[53]31 Tarry with me, O my Savior
Also the following:
[54]34 Inspirer and hearer of prayer
[55]48 O Savior, bless us ere we go
[56]49 Our day of praise is done
[57]50 Savior, again to thy dear Name we raise
[58]364 Now the day is over
[59]399 At even, when the sun was set
[60]407 One sweetly solemn thought
[61]412 Sunset and evening star
daily prayer noon 10 behold
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