He Has Endeavoured, Indeed, to Brand us with the Stain of this False Teaching by Speaking to Some of Our Brethren, and He Repeats this by Various Letters, According to his Recognized Plan of Action. It is Nothing to Me what He May Write or Assert, But, Since He Raises this Question About a Doctrine of Perjury, I Will State My Opinion Upon It, and Then Leave Him to Pass Judgment Upon Himself. It is This. Since Our Lord and Saviour Says in the Gospels "It was Said to them of Old Time, Thou Shalt not Forswear Thyself, but Shalt Pay to the Lord Thy Vows, but I Say unto You, Swear not at All;" I Say that Every one who Teaches that for any Cause Whatever we May Swear Falsely, is Alien from the Faith of Christ and from the Unity of the Catholic Church. Matt. v. 33, 34 C4. But I Should Like, Now that I have Satisfied You on My Own Account, and Supported My Opinion by an Anathema, to Make this Plain to You Further, that He Himself Declares that in Certain Orgies and Mystical Societies to which He Belongs Perjury is Practised by the Votaries and Associates. That is a Certain and Most True Saying of Our God, "By their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them," and this Also "A Tree is Known by Its Fruits. " Well: He Says that I have Accepted this Doctrine of Perjury. If Then I have Been Trained to this Practice, and this Evil Tree Has Indeed Its Roots Within Me, it is Impossible but that Corresponding Fruits Should have Grown Upon Me, and Also that I Should have Gathered Some Society of Mystic Associates Around Me. As Regards Myself whom Alone He Seeks to Injure by all that He Writes, I Will not Bear Witness to Myself, nor Will I Say that There are Cases of Necessity in which it is Right to Swear: for I Wish to Avoid Reproach through Timidity if not through Prudence; And, at all Events, if I Fail in Obedience to the Command, I Will Acknowledge My Error. I Will Therefore Make no Boast of This. But, Whether I have Erred or Acted Prudently, He at all Events Can Lay his Finger on no Act of Mine by which He Can Convict Me. But I Can Shew from his Writings, that He not Only Holds this Doctrine of Perjury, but Practises this Foul vice as a Sacred Duty. I Will Bring Nothing against Him which Has Been Trumped up by Ill Will, as He Does against Me; but I Will Produce Him and his Writings as Witnesses against Himself, So that it May be Made Clear that it is not his Enemies who Accuse but He who Convicts Himself. Matt. vii. 16-20
3. He has endeavoured, indeed, to brand us with the stain of this false teaching by speaking to some of our brethren, and he repeats this by various letters, according to his recognized plan of action. It is nothing to me what he may write or assert, but, since he raises this question about a doctrine of perjury, I will state my opinion upon it, and then leave him to pass judgment upon himself. It is this. Since our Lord and Saviour says in the Gospels "It was said to them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt pay to the Lord thy vows, but I say unto you, Swear not at all;" I say that every one who teaches that for any cause whatever we may swear falsely, is alien from the faith of Christ and from the unity of the catholic church.

Matt. v.33, 34 c4. But I should like, now that I have satisfied you on my own account, and supported my opinion by an anathema, to make this plain to you further, that he himself declares that in certain orgies and mystical societies to which he belongs perjury is practised by the votaries and associates. That is a certain and most true saying of our God, "By their fruits ye shall know them," and this also "A tree is known by its fruits." Well: he says that I have accepted this doctrine of perjury. If then I have been trained to this practice, and this evil tree has indeed its roots within me, it is impossible but that corresponding fruits should have grown upon me, and also that I should have gathered some society of mystic associates around me. As regards myself whom alone he seeks to injure by all that he writes, I will not bear witness to myself, nor will I say that there are cases of necessity in which it is right to swear: for I wish to avoid reproach through timidity if not through prudence; and, at all events, if I fail in obedience to the command, I will acknowledge my error. I will therefore make no boast of this. But, whether I have erred or acted prudently, he at all events can lay his finger on no act of mine by which he can convict me. But I can shew from his writings, that he not only holds this doctrine of perjury, but practises this foul vice as a sacred duty. I will bring nothing against him which has been trumped up by ill will, as he does against me; but I will produce him and his writings as witnesses against himself, so that it may be made clear that it is not his enemies who accuse but he who convicts himself.

Matt. vii.16-20[2935] Luke vi.44

2 let us see what
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