Title Clear.

Temtam may ay-e tal skwi-la-wal,
Aye-aw-wilth ta kul see-see;
Tchalal kwus kwatsit ay-e shwaw-met,
Tchalal kwus hi kwus kham.

Aye-kwus kween-tal ta lee-awm,
Tchalal-e ka wom lay ta tchee-tchilth tumokh.

Owe-awth may kulth tal skwi-la-wal,
Tomuk stem ay-e tal shwa-lay;
Al stlay kwus makh tokla lee-awm,
Ta Tchee-thilth-See-am tal stlay.

Tchalal kwuls tsats-aye lay ta tchee-tchilth,
Tchalal kwuls ka-wom lay;
Tchalal lay hi tokla lee-awm
Kal-kul-aylt tal skwi-la-wal.

C. M. T.


When I can read my title clear
To mansions in the skies,
I'll bid farewell to every fear,
And wipe my weeping eyes.

"": We will stand the storm,
We will anchor by-and-bye. :""

6 thy will be done
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