Then came the worde of the lorde vn to Ionas agayne
Then came the worde of the lorde vn to Ionas agayne sayenge: vpp/ and gett [the] to Niniue that greate citie/ & preache vn to them the preachynge which I bade [the]. And he arose & went to Niniue at [the] lordes commaundment. Niniue was a greate citie vn to god/ conteyninge .iij. dayes iourney.

¶ And Ionas went to & entred in to [the] citie euen a dayes iourney/ and cried sayenge: There shall not passe .xl. dayes but Niniue shalbe ouerthrowen.

¶ And the people of Niniue beleued God/ and proclaymed fastynge/ and arayed them selues in sackcloth/ as well the greate as the small of them.

¶ And [the] tydinges came vn to the kinge of Niniue/ which arose out of his sete/ and did his apparell of & put on sackcloth/ & sate him downe in asshes. And it was cried and commaunded in Niniue by [the] auctorite of [the] kinge and of his lordes sayenge: se that nether man or beest/ oxe or shepe tast ought at al/ & that they nether fede or drinke water.

¶ And they put on sackcloth both man and beest/ & cried vn to God mightily/ and turned euery man from his weked waye/ and from doenge wronge in which they were acustomed/ sayenge: who can tell whether god will turne & repent/ & cease from his fearce wrathe/ that we perish not? And when god saw theyr workes/ how they turned from theyr weked wayes/ he repented on [the] euell which he sayd he wold doo vn to them/ and dyd it not.

but the lorde prepared a
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