Notes on the Fourth Century
Page 238. Med.1. In the wording of this meditation, and of several other passages in the Fourth Century, it seems as though Traherne is speaking not of himself, but of, a friend and teacher of his. He did this, no doubt, in order that he might not lay himself open to the charge of over-egotism. Yet that he is throughout relating his own experiences is proved by the fact that this Meditation, as first written, contains passages which the author afterwards marked for omission. In its original form it began thus: "Since the author in the last century hath spoken so much concerning his entrance and progress into the study of Felicity, and all he hath there said pertaineth only to the contemplative part of it, I will in this Century speak of the principles with which he endued himself to enjoy it." This seems conclusive, though there are later on in this "Century" passages in which the author appears to be speaking not of his own experiences, but of that of a friend who had communicated them to him.

Page 240. Line 22. In him are hid, &c. Colossians ii.3.

Page 243. Line 13. We must dig for her, &c. Proverbs ii.4.

Page 243. Line 17. Wisdom is the principal thing, &c. Proverbs iv.7-9.

Page 246. Line 2. Ye are not straitened, &c.2 Corinthians xxiv.20.

Page 248. Med.13. Line 4. Alone like a sparrow, &c. Psalm cii.6 and 7.

Page 252. Med.18. Line 6. For it is more blessed, &c. Acts xx.35.

Page 253. Med.20. Compare this Meditation with the poem "Of Meekness," which is to be found on page 145 of Traherne's "Poetical Works."

Page 259. Line 10. Inasmuch as ye have done it, &c. Matthew xxv.40.

Page 265. Line 25. In all thy keeping, &c. Proverbs iv.23.

Page 269. Line 13. It is more blessed, &c. Acts xx.35.

Page 281. Line 5. What ye do to him, &c. Matthew xxv.40.

Page 292-3. The Alpha and Omega, the first and the last &c. Revelation i.11 and 18.

Page 293. Line 2. The Glory which Thou last given me &c. John xvii.22.

Page 293. Line 4. In Him the fulness of the Godhead, &c. Colossians ii.19.

Page 293. Line 6. His Church is the fulness, &c. Ephesians i.22.

Page 294. Line 10. How precious are thy Thoughts, &c. Psalm cxxxix.17, 18.

Page 304. Line 10. My love is a spring, &c. Song of Solomon iv.12.

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