Instruction ii
The Second Instruction gives a short Form for the common Confession of Monks or Nuns, and shows how they may be absolved.

Now we may generally confess our daily sins in these words:

"I am guilty, for I have sinned by foolish thoughts during the seven Hours and in my prayers, when I ought to have occupied myself with good thoughts, but which have been spoilt by my indolence. I have broken the silence with useless words, at times and in places where talking is forbidden. I am guilty of scornful, hasty, unwise words and deeds, of untrue and unkind words, of indolence towards myself and towards God, my Order, my Choir, my Rules, and of disobedience and unthankfulness. I do not love and praise God as I ought; I do not attend to His warnings; I do not set my Brother a good example as I ought, in poverty, chastity and obedience. I have not kept all the vows I made to God and to my Order. Of these and many other things I confess I am guilty."

Then ye may ask for absolution, and may think and say:

"Dear Lord, if I could do it and were free, I would seek for absolution, and fetch it, even through frost and snow, through cold and wet. Dear Lord, because I can do nothing more, I beseech thee to give me absolution as thy gift of charity, and to make me a partaker in all the good exercises that have taken place in the House of God, and in all the earth; and that Thou wilt absolve me from all my sins, through thy Divine and Sacred Wounds, whence all grace flows."

This thou mayest ask for in firm and strong faith and trust in God; and this will be such a blessing to thee that hereafter thou wilt be able to judge all the world. May we all thus learn to know God, and diligently search out our own hearts by the help of God. Amen.

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