July 19. "Nevertheless, David Took the Castle of Zion" (I. Chron. xi. 5).
"Nevertheless, David took the castle of Zion" (I. Chron. xi.5).

Many of you have so much fighting to do because you do not have one sharp, decisive battle to begin with. It is far easier to have one great battle than to keep on skirmishing all your life. I know men who spend forty years fighting what they call their besetting sin, and on which they waste strength enough to evangelize the world.

Dear friends, does it pay to throw away your lives? Have one battle, one victory and then praise God. So they had rest from their enemies round about. There is labor to enter in. The height is steep. The way of the cross is not an easy way. It is hard to enter in, but having entered in there is perfect rest. May God help us and give us His perfect rest.

O come and leave thy sinful self forever
Beneath the fountain of the Saviour's blood;
O come, and take Him as thy Sanctifier,
Come thou with us and we will do thee good.

Come to the land where all the foes are vanquished, And sorrow, sin, disease and death subdued;
O weary soul! by Satan bruised and baffled,
Come thou with us and we will do thee good.

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