Note by the American Editor.
THIS work is reprinted from the London Religious Tract Society's edition. The same reasons which made its publication desirable in England apply to American society. For, though M. Renan's work may not be very generally read among us, yet its thought and spirit are being largely reproduced by the Rationalistic pulpit and press, -- the latter especially. Hence it is necessary to provide a popular antidote for what may be regarded as popular poison. This little volume is such an antidote. Professor Schaff's Essay brings out the true character of the Christ of the Gospels in such bold relief, and with such convincing evidence, as to arm its reader's mind against the insidious weapons of Strauss and Renan. M. Roussel's two Essays grapple boldly and strongly with the false principles on which the work of Renan is constructed. Any man, after carefully considering them, would find it difficult to yield his assent to the plausible positions of that adversary of the Lord Jesus. I particularly commend these pages to young preachers and to young men, whether they have read Renan's work or not; assured, that if they have read it, and have even had their faith shaken, the argument and views herein contained will be likely to restore their faith in the real Christ; while, if they have not read it, they will here see enough of its character to convince them that its aim is evil, and that, like all other weapons heretofore forged by the skill of skepticism against the Holy Child Jesus, it is sure to be soon buried in everlasting contempt.

D. W.


[1] The title of the second essay of this volume has been placed first, to prevent the work from being confounded with "The Christ of the Gospels" by Tulloch, published by our Western Book Concern.

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