List of Books for Reference
"Stones of the Temple." Field.

"Our Parish Church." Baring-Gould.

"The Spiritual House." Huntington.

"Manual of Information." Shinn.

"Hints on Church Furnishing," etc. "The Living Church Quarterly," 1892.

"Symbolism in Christian Art." Hulme.

"Christian Iconography." Didron.

"History of Christian Art." Lindsay.

"Art Teaching of the Primitive Church." Tyrwhit.

"Christian Art and Symbolism." Tyrwhit.

"History of Medieval Art." Reber.

"Signs and Symbols." "The Churchman," 1895.

"Our Mother Church." Mercier.

"Calendar of the Prayer-Book." Parker & Co., London.


"Red-Letter Saints." S. P. C. K.

"Sacred and Legendary Art." Jameson.

"Dictionary of Art." Adelene.

"Pagan and Christian Rome." Lanciani.

"History of the Church Catholic." Hore.

"Handbook of Christian Symbols." Clement.

"Dictionary of Heraldry." Coats.

"English Heraldry." Boutell.

"Handbook of Heraldry." Cussan.

"Church Decoration." French.

"Church Decoration." Frederick Warne & Co., London.

"Folk-Lore of Plants." Dyer.

"Sacred Trees and Flowers." "London Quarterly Review," 1863, vol. cxiv.

"Annotated Book of Common Prayer." Blunt.

"The Prayer-Book." Daniel.

"Parish Lectures on the Prayer-Book." Snively.

"Notes on the Use of the Prayer-Book." Hall.

"The Congregation in Church." Mowbray & Co., London.

"Church Needlework." Lambert.

"Embroidery for Church Guilds." Woodward.

"Church Vestments." Dolby.

"Vestiarum Christianum." Harriott.

"Ecclesiastical Vestments." Macalister.

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