Ignatius Writes to the Churches.
And these things he thus spake, and thus testified, extending his love to Christ so far as one who was about to [1418] secure heaven through his good confession, and the earnestness of those who joined their prayers to his in regard to his [approaching] conflict; and to give a recompense to the Churches, who came to meet him through their rulers, sending [1419] letters of thanksgiving to them, which dropped spiritual grace, along with prayer and exhortation. Wherefore, seeing all men so kindly affected towards him, and fearing lest the love of the brotherhood should hinder his zeal towards the Lord, [1420] while a fair door of suffering martyrdom was opened to him, he wrote to the Church of the Romans the Epistle which is here subjoined.

(See the Epistle as formerly given.)


[1418] The Latin version has, "that he was to." [But compare the martyr's Epistle to the Romans (cap. 5); "yet am I not thereby justified," --a double reference to St. Paul's doctrine, 1 Corinthians 4:4 and 1 Corinthians 13:3. See also his quotation (Sept., Proverbs 18:17). Epistle to Magnesians, cap 12.]

[1419] The punctuation and construction are here doubtful.

[1420] Or, "should prevent him from hastening to the Lord."

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