Rise, O my soul! with thy desires to heaven,

And with divinest contemplation use

Thy time, where Time's eternity is given,

And let vain thoughts no more thy thoughts abuse;

But down in [midnight] darkness let them lie;

And live thy better, let thy worse thoughts die!

And thou, my soul, inspired with holy flame,

View and review, with most regardful eye,

That holy Cross, whence thy salvation came,

On which thy Saviour and thy sin did die!

For in that sacred object is much pleasure,

And in that Saviour is my life, my treasure.

To thee, O JESU! I direct my eyes;

To Thee my hands, to Thee my humble knees;

To Thee my heart shall offer sacrifice;

To Thee my thoughts, Who my thoughts only sees:

To Thee myself, -- myself and all I give;

To Thee I die; to Thee I only live!

lxxix d o m
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