Evening Hymn
Never yet could careless Sleep

On Love's watchful eyelid creep:

Never yet could gloomy Night

Damp His Eye's immortal light:

Love is His own Day, and sees

Whatsoe'er Himself doth please:

Love His piercing look can dart

Thro' the shades of my dark heart,

And read plainer far than I

All the spots which there do lie.

Pardon then what thou dost see,

Mighty Love, in wretched me:

Let the sweet wrath of Thy ray

Chide my sinful Night to Day;

To the blesséd Day of Grace

Whose dear East smiles in Thy Face.

So no Powers of Darkness shall

In this Night my soul appal;

So shall I the sounder sleep,

'Cause my heart awake I keep;

Meekly waiting upon Thee,

Whilst Thou deign'st to watch for Me.

cxlii morning hymn
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