The Powers that be are Ordained of God
R. H. Froude

Yes, mark the words, deem not that Saints alone

Are Heaven's true servants, and His laws fulfil

Who rules o'er just and wicked. He from ill

Culls good, He moulds the Egyptian's heart of stone

To do him honour, and e'en Nero's throne

Claims as His ordinance; before Him still

Pride bows unconscious, and the rebel will

Most does His bidding, following most its own.

Then grieve not at their high and palmy state,

Those proud bad men, whose unrelenting sway

Has shatter'd holiest things, and led astray

CHRIST's little ones: they are but tools of Fate,

Duped rebels, doom'd to serve a POWER they hate,

To earn a traitor's guerdon, yet obey.

cccl twixt gleams of joy
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