Sweetness in Prayer
Why dost thou beat so quick, my heart?

Why struggle in thy cage?

What shall I do for thee, poor heart!

Thy throbbing heat to swage?

What spell is this come over thee,

My soul! what sweet surprise?

And wherefore these unbidden tears

That start into mine eyes?

How great, how good does GOD appear,

How dear our holy faith,

How tasteless life's best joys have grown;

How I could welcome death!

-- Would that Thou mightest stay with me,

Or else that I might die

While heart and soul are still subdued

With Thy sweet mastery.

Thy home is with the humble, LORD!

The simple are Thy rest;

Thy lodging is in child-like hearts;

Thou makest there Thy nest.

Dear Comforter! Eternal Love!

If Thou wilt stay with me,

Of lowly thoughts and simple ways

I'll build a nest for Thee.

Who made this beating heart of mine,

But Thou, my heavenly Guest?

Let no one have it then but Thee,

And let it be Thy nest.

cccciii self-love
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