The Little Foxes.
One little fox is, "Some other time." If you track him up, you come to his hole -- never.

Another little fox is, "I can't." Just set on him a plucky little "I can," and he will kill him for you.

Another bad little fox is, "Just a little" pride, self-will, worldly conformity, etc. That little mischief will strip the whole vine if left go.

Another malignant little fox is "I haven't faith." He slips into the vineyard through a knot-hole called self. You can shut him out by removing the self-plank and filling up with Jesus only.

Another bad little fox is, "I haven't power." Be sure and catch him. If you will take the pains to dig him up, you will find his nest some where beyond the end of your present consecration. It will pay you to take him, if you have to "dig deep" and work hard.

Another devouring little fox is, "My church." "Salt" and "fire" is the sure and only antidote for such nasty vermin.

We will point out one more little fox, and he is able to devour all the fruit of the vineyard and kill the very vines. His species is "Fear." One good dose of "perfect love" will kill him stone-dead. And a constant application of the blood of Christ will prevent this, with all other little or big foxes, yea, and all other animals, ever coming to life again.

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