The Old and New Creation.
John Newton


The old and new creation.

That was a wonder-working word

Which could the vast creation raise!

Angels, attendant on their LORD, Job 38:7

Admired the plan, and sung his praise.

From what a dark and shapeless mass,

All nature sprang at his command!

Let there be light, and light there was,

And sun and stars, and sea and land.

With equal speed the earth and seas,

Their mighty Maker's voice obeyed;

He spake, and strait the plants and trees,

And birds, and beasts, and man were made.

But man, the lord and crown of all,

By sin his honor soon defaced;

His heart (how altered since the fall!)

Is dark, deformed, and void, and waste.

The new creation of the soul

Does now no less his pow'r display; 2Cor 4:6

Than when he formed the mighty whole,

And kindled darkness into day.

Though self-destroyed, O LORD, we are,

Yet let us feel what thou cast do;

Thy word the ruin can repair,

And all our hearts create anew.

hymn 79 the great tribunal
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