The Gourd. Jonah 4:07
John Newton


The gourd. Jonah 4:7

As once for Jonah, so the Lord

To soothe and cheer my mournful hours,

Prepared for me a pleasing gourd,

Cool was its shade, and sweet its flow'rs.

To prize his gift was surely right;

But through the folly of my heart,

It hid the Giver from my sight,

And soon my joy was changed to smart.

While I admired its beauteous form,

Its pleasant shade and graceful fruit;

The LORD, displeased, sent forth a worm,

Unseen, to prey upon the root.

I trembled when I saw it fade,

But guilt restrained the murm'ring word;

My folly I confessed, and prayed,

Forgive my sin, and spare my gourd.

His wondrous love can ne'er be told,

He heard me and relieved my pain;

His word the threat'ning worm controlled,

And bid my gourd revive again.

Now, Lord, my gourd is mine no more,

'Tis thine, who only couldst it raise;

The idol of my heart before,

Henceforth shall flourish to thy praise.

hymn 74 belshazzar dan 5 56
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