Humbled and Silenced by Mercy. Ezek 0. 711111111
John Newton


Humbled and silenced by mercy. Ezek 16:64

Once perishing in blood I lay,

Creatures no help could give,

But Jesus passed me in the way,

He saw, and bid me live.

Though Satan still his rule maintained,

And all his arts employed;

That mighty Word his rage restrained,

I could not be destroyed.

At length the time of love arrived

When I my LORD should know,

Then Satan, of his pow'r deprived,

Was forced to let me go.

O can I e'er that day forget

When Jesus kindly spoke!

"Poor soul, my blood has paid thy debt,

And now I break thy yoke.

Henceforth I take thee for my own,

And give myself to thee;

Forsake the idols thou hast known,

And yield thyself to me."

Ah, worthless heart! it promised fair,

And said it would be thine;

I little thought it e'er would dare

Again with idols join.

LORD, dost thou such backslidings heal,

And pardon all that's past?

Sure, if I am not made of steel,

Thou hast prevailed at last.

My tongue, which rashly spoke before,

This mercy will restrain;

Surely I now shall boast no more,

Nor censure, nor complain.

hymn 69 the lord is
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