Look unto Me, and be Ye Saved. Isa 45:22:00
John Newton


Look unto me, and be ye saved.
Isa 45:22

As the serpent raised by Moses
Num 21:9

Healed the burning serpent's bite;

JESUS thus himself discloses

To the wounded sinner's sight:

Hear his gracious invitation,

"I have life and peace to give,

I have wrought out full salvation,

Sinner, look to me and live.

Pore upon your sins no longer,

Well I know their mighty guilt;

But my love than death is stronger,

I my blood have freely spilt:

Though your heart has long been hardened,

Look on me -- it soft shall grow;

Past transgressions shall be pardoned,

And I'll wash you white as snow.

I have seen what you were doing,

Though you little thought of me;

You were madly bent on ruin,

But I said -- It shall not be:

You had been for ever wretched,

Had I not espoused your part;

Now behold my arms outstretched

To receive you to my heart.

Well may shame, and joy, and wonder,

All your inward passions move;

I could crush thee with my thunder,

But I speak to thee in love:

See! your sins are all forgiven,

I have paid the countless sum!

Now my death has opened heaven,

Thither you shall shortly come."

Dearest Savior, we adore thee

For thy precious life and death;

Melt each stubborn heart before thee,

Give us all the eye of faith:

From the law's condemning sentence,

To thy mercy we appeal;

Thou alone canst give repentance,

Thou alone our souls canst heal.

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