We were Pharaoh's Bondmen. Deut 6:20-23
John Newton


We were PHARAOH's bondmen.
Deut 6:20-23

Beneath the tyrant Satan's yoke

Our souls were long oppressed;

Till grace our galling fetters broke,

And gave the weary rest.

Jesus, in that important hour,

His mighty arm made known;

He ransomed us by price, and pow'r,

And claimed us for his own.

Now, freed from bondage, sin, and death,

We walk in Wisdom's ways;

And wish to spend our every breath,

In wonder, love, and praise.

Ere long, we hope with him to dwell

In yonder world above;

And now, we only live to tell

The riches of his love.

O might we, ere we hence remove,

Prevail upon our youth

To seek, that they may likewise prove,

His mercy and his truth,

Like Simeon, we shall gladly go,
Lk 2:29

When JESUS calls us home;

If they are left a seed below,

To serve him in our room.

Lord hear our prayer, indulge our hope,

On these thy Spirit pour;

That they may take our story up,

When we can speak no more.

hymn 24 asking the way
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