Stichera for a Sunday of the First Tone.

Anatolius, 458

zopheras trikumias.

Fierce was the wild billow;

Dark was the night;

Oars laboured heavily;

Foam glimmered white;

Trembled the mariners;

Peril was nigh;

Then said the GOD of GOD,

-- "Peace! It is I!"

Ridge of the mountain-wave,

Lower thy crest!

Wail of Euroclydon,

Be thou at rest!

Sorrow can never be, --

Darkness must fly, --

Where saith the Light of Light,

-- "Peace! It is I!"

Jesu, Deliverer!

Come Thou to me:

Soothe Thou my voyaging

Over Life's sea!

Thou, when the storm of Death

Roars, sweeping by,

Whisper, O Truth of Truth!

-- "Peace! It is I!"

[The above hymn has been set by my friend Mr. Helmore; also in H. E. C., of which it forms No.1: also by Miss Kerr. The last melody is, to my mind, especially beautiful.]

s anatolius
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