The Ichnography
Of the Holy Place, that is, of the Temple, and its Courts.

Figure of the Temple

AAAA The Inner Court.

g d The Altar of Burnt-Offering
BBBB The Outer Court.
a b The Temple.

Ag Ad The Place of Offering Sacrifice. The Thusiasterion. a The Holy of Holies.
b The Holy Place.

To these two courts, (of which only, and not of more, the Scripture makes mention,) a third was added in after ages, namely, in the temple of Herod; with another wall built in the circumference of the temple, which was called that of the Gentiles and unclean persons; but this was not accounted sacred, nay more, on the columns erected, there was inscribed in Greek and Latin letters, "Let no stranger of another tribe pass through into the holy place." Josephus de Bello Judaico, 1-6. cvi. Greek 18.

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