The Power of Assyria at Its Zenith; Esarhaddon and Assur-Bani-Pal

Last years of Sennacherib -- New races appear upon the scene -- The Medes: Deiokes and the foundation of Ecbatana, the Bit-Dayaukku and their origin -- The races of Asia Minor -- The Phrygians, their earliest rulers, their conquests, and their religion -- Last of the Heraclidae in Lydia, trade and constitution of their kingdom -- The Tylonidae, and Mermnadae -- The Cimmerians driven back into Asia by the Scythians -- The Treves.

Murder of Sennacherib and accession of Esarhaddon: defeat of Sharezer (681 B.C.) -- Campaigns against the Kaldd, the Cimmerians, the tribes of Cilicia, and against Sidon (680-679 B.C.); Cimmerian and Scythian invasions, revolt of vie Mannai, and expeditions against the Medes; submission of the northern Arabs (678-676 B.C.) -- Egyptian affairs; Taharqa (Tirhakah), his building operations, his Syrian policy -- Disturbances on the frontiers of Elam and Urartu.

First invasion of Egypt and subjection of the country to Nineveh (670 B.C.) -- Intrigues of rival claimants to the throne, and division of the Assyrian empire between Assur-bani-pal and Shamash shumukin (668 B.C.) -- Revolt of Egypt and death of Esarhaddon (668 B.C.); accession of Assur-bani-pal; his campaign against Kirbit; defeat of Taharqa and reconstitution of the Egyptian province (667 B.C.) -- Affairs of Asia Minor: Gyges (693 B.C.), his tears against the Greeks and Cimmerians; he sends ambassadors to Nineveh (664 B.C.).

Tanuatamanu reasserts the authority of Ethiopia in Egypt (664 B.C.), and Tammaritu of Elam invades Karduniash; reconquest of the Said and sack of Thebes -- Psammetichus I. and the rise of the XXVIth dynasty -- Disturbances among the Medes and Mannai -- War against Teumman and the victory of Tulliz (660 B.C.): Elam yields to the Assyrians for the first time -- Shamash-shumukin at Babylon; is at first on good terms with his brother, then becomes dissatisfied, and forms a coalition against the Ninevite supremacy.

The Uruk incident and outbreak of the war between Karduniash, Elam, and Assyria; Elam disabled by domestic discords -- Siege and capture of Babylon; Assur-bani-pal ascends the throne under the name of Kandalanu (648-646 B.C.) -- Revolt of Egypt: defeat and death of Gyges (642 B.C. ): Ardys drives out the Cimmerians and Dugdamis is killed in Cilicia -- Submission of Arabia.

Revolution in Elam -- Attack on Indabigash -- Tammaritu restored to power -- Pillage and destruction of Susa -- Campaign against the Arabs of Kedar and the Nabataeans: suppression of the Tyrian rebellion -- Dying struggles of Elam -- Capture of Madaktu and surrender of Khumban-khaldash -- The power of Assyria reaches its zenith.

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chapter isennacherib 705-681 b c
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