Transcriber's Note
A few obvious typographical errors have been corrected; they and other possible errors are listed below.

Inconsistent hyphenation: nowadays (now-a-days), brushwood (brush-wood), footprints (foot-prints)

Chapter I

"Under the smoothe" corrected to "Under the smooth".

Chapter II

"seiges of Milan" not changed.

"beseiges their city" not changed.

"lord of Normany" corrected to "lord of Normandy".

"Manuel Commenus" probable error for "Manuel Comnenus". Not changed.

"post-Hugonian" possible error for "Post-Hugonian". Not changed.

Chapter III

"was thorougly understood" corrected to "was thoroughly understood".

"between Normany and England" corrected to
"between Normandy and England".

"audibly says, 'Oh," corrected to "audibly says, "Oh,".

"They ought to chose" corrected to "They ought to choose".

Chapter IV

"prae-Edwardian" not changed.

Chapter V

"beseiged in Lincoln" not changed.

"to smoothe those English" corrected to "to smooth those English".

Chapter VI

"neural tremours" not changed.

Chapter VIII

Opening double quotation marks (signifying continued quotation) are missing from the paragraphs starting "These things, described but puerilely" and "The foundation is the body", and have not been added.

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