The Finding of Moses i

Title Plate ii

They were driven forth by an angel 3

Cain and Abel 5

The water rose higher and higher 12

So Noah opened the door of the ark 14

In some way she lost the road 19

Learned to shoot with the bow and arrow 20

For two days they walked 24

"God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering" 25

"Sell me your birthright" 29

"Now, my son, do what I tell you" 32

"May nations bow down to you" 34

Angels were upon the stairs 38

Jacob went onward in his long journey 40

Back to the Land of Canaan 43

Walking northward over the mountains 45

For twenty pieces of silver they sold Joseph 47

"The two dreams have the same meaning" 56

"What wicked thing is this that you have done?" 70

They made the Israelites work hard 75

She placed her baby in the ark 76

Moses became a shepherd in the wilderness of Midian 79

God fed them day by day with manna 81

A cluster of grapes so large that two men carried it 83

The angel touched the offering with his staff 89

The men blew their trumpets with a mighty noise 95

He carried off the gates of the city 105

He bowed forward with all his might and pulled
the pillars with him 109

Ruth went out into the fields to glean the grain 114

Then Samuel poured oil on David's head 122

The giant looked down on the youth and despised him 128

David drew out the giant's own sword 129

Solomon on his throne 136

Supposed form of Solomon's Temple 137

Ship in Solomon's time 137

Denounced Ahab and Jezebel 139

Made king when he was only seven years old 140

"This is the arrow of victory" 141

To shade Jonah from the sun 145

Nebuchadnezzar was filled with rage 150

An angel befriended them 152

Thrown into the den of lions 157

Daniel's Answer to the King 158

"Do not be afraid, Zacharias" 162

They were filled with fear 169

The baby in the manger 170

The Shepherds in the Field 171

The wise men went their way 173

He took his wife and baby and went down to Egypt 176

Sitting in a company of the doctors of the law 181

"Fill the jars with water" 185

"Take these things away" 187

The net caught so many fishes they could not pull it up 196

"I came not to call those who think themselves to be good" 201

Then, on the mountain, he preached 203

"Speak the word and my servant shall be cured" 207

The children loved to gather around him 210

Then he lifted him up 219

Came to Bethany where his friends Martha and Mary lived 221

She wiped his feet with her hair 223

They threw their garments upon the ground for Jesus to ride upon 225

The great city was deaf to his pleadings 227

Peter Denies Christ 232

He heard their complaints 235

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