Caphar Hananiah. The Middle of Galilee.
It seems also to be called 'Caphar Hanan': hence "R. Jacob of Caphar Hanan."

Mention is made of this place once and again: "If any one have five sheep in Caphar Hananiah, and five more in Caphar Uthni, they are not joined together," that is, they are not numbered to be tithed, "until he hath one in Zippor." -- The Gloss is, "From Caphar Uthni to Caphar Hananiah, are two-and-thirty miles, and Zippor is in the middle."

"The men of the family of Mamal, and the men of the family of Gorion, in the years of dearth, distributed to the poor figs and raisins in Arumah. And the poor of Caphar Shichin, and the poor of Caphar Hanaiah, came: and when it now grew dark, they contained themselves within the bounds [of the sabbath], and in the morning went forward." The Gloss is, "Arumah is the name of a place. The poor of Caphar Shichin were neighbours to those of Arumah, being distant only four thousand (cubits)." Which distance exceeding a sabbath-day's journey, the poor, before the coming-in of the sabbath, contained themselves within the bounds of Arumah; that, the morning following, they might betake themselves to the houses of those that distributed their charity, and not break the sabbath. He that turns over the Talmudical writers will meet with very frequent mention of this city.

You observe before in Pliny, that Sycaminum was seated between Dor and Carmel; and in the Talmudic writers, that the plenty of sycamines began at Caphar Hananiah.

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