Moses and Zipporah at the well (color plate) . . . . . . Frontispiece

Driven from Eden

The great flood

Dove returns to ark with an olive leaf (color plate)

The three strangers

Hagar in the desert

On Mount Moriah

Isaac blessing Jacob

Meeting of Jacob and Esau

Jacob and Rachael

Jacob sold to the Ishmaelites (color plate)

Joseph makes himself known to his brothers

Pharaoh's daughter finding Moses (color plate)

The rod that troubled Egypt

Destruction of Pharoah's army

Moses descending from the Mount

The return of the spies

Crossing the Jordan

The young Samson

The death of Samson

Ruth and Naomi

Samuel speaking to the Lord (color plate)

The young shepherd boy (color plate)

David cutting off Goliath's head (color plate)

The spear struck the wall (color plate)

The garment of Saul

The death of Absalom

David mourning for Absalom

The Queen of Sheba before Solomon

Ravens bringing food to Elijah (color plate)

Elijah and the Angel

Elijah and the chariot of fire

Elijah raises the widow's son

In the fiery furnace

The handwriting on the wall

Daniel in the den of lions (color plate)

Jonah thrown on the dry land

Haman denounced by the Queen


The Holy Child in the manger (color plate)

Following the star

The flight into Egypt

The Boy Jesus in the temple (color plate)

John the Baptist at the Jordan

The marriage at Cana

Jesus by the well (color plate)

Jesus in the synagogue

Jesus among the fishermen (color plate)

Jesus healing the sick

Sermon on the Mount

Jesus teaching by the sea

Jesus sleeping during the storm (color plate)

Jesus curing the little maid (color plate)

Feeding the five thousand

Jesus in the wheat fields

The little ones (color plate)

The good Samaritan

Jesus in the house at Bethany

The return of the prodigal

The Pharisee and the publican

Jesus entering Jerusalem (color plate)

Showing the penny

The two mites

The Passover supper (color plate)


Jesus betrayed by Judas

The sin of Peter

Jesus crowned with thorns

Jesus before Pilate (color plate)

Jesus bearing the cross

The descent from the cross

The angel of the resurrection

The walk to Emmaus

The ascension

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