Transcriber's Notes:
The following typographical errors have been corrected: Page v, "Romana" changed to "Romano" (by Giulio Romano, Francesco Penni,)
Page 59, "Bulletino" changed to "Bullettino" (in footnote [38]: See Henzen, Bullettino dell' Instituto, 1863,)
Page 91, "Receuil" changed to "Recueil" (in footnote [51]: Leon Renier: Recueil des diplomes militaires)
Page 120, "Ardentina" changed to "Ardeatina" (S. Petronilla on the Via Ardeatina)
Page 131, "Venedetto" changed to "Benedetto" (the master-mason Benedetto Drei, whose drawing,)
Page 147, "Winckelman" two times changed to "Winckelmann" (Fea and Winckelmann assert and Winckelmann attributes their rapid decay)
Page 185, "in" changed to "is" (the urn of Agrippina is kept in the courtyard)
Page 208, "Emmanuele" changed to "Emanuele" (southwest corner of the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele)
Page 273, "astrinum" changed to "ustrinum" (it was an astrinum where corpses were cremated)
Page 314, "Bulletino" changed to "Bullettino" (in footnote [148]: Bullettino di archeologia cristiana)
Page 327, "Nicolas" changed to "Nicholas" (from the time of Pope Nicholas I.)
Page 369, "Cerceo" changed to "Circeo" (defeats the Saracens off Cape Circeo)
Page 373, "Guilio" changed to "Giulio" (di Papa Giulio, 254;)


(From a painting by Giulio Romano, Francesco Penni and Raffaellino del Colle)]

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