The Masses. August 4.
Though permitted evils should not avenge themselves by any political retribution, yet avenge themselves, if unredressed, they surely will. They affect masses too large, interests too serious, not to make themselves bitterly felt some day. . . . We may choose to look on the masses in the gross as objects for statistics -- and of course, where possible, for profits. There is One above who knows every thirst, and ache, and sorrow, and temptation of each slattern, and gin-drinker, and street-boy. The day will come when He will require an account of these neglects of ours -- not in the gross.

Miscellanies. 1851.

We sit in a cloud, and sing like pictured angels,
And say the world runs smooth -- while right below
Welters the black, fermenting heap of life
On which our State is built.

Saint's Tragedy, Act ii. Scene v.

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