May the Twenty-Seventh Receiving the Holy Ghost
ACTS ii.37-47.

The sacred process by which the Holy Spirit is received is the same throughout all the years.

First there is repentance. And repentance is not a flow of emotion, but a certain direction of mind. I may repent with dry eyes. It is not a matter of feeling, but of willing. It is to lay hold of the aimless, drifting thought, and steer it toward God! It is a change of mind.

Second, there is a definite and avowed choice of my new Goal, my new Lord and King. The Christian life cannot be a subterfuge. It cannot be lived incognito. I cannot be the Christ's and wear the livery of an alien power. There must be confession, a bold and clarion-like avowal that henceforth I am a soldier of the Lord.

And the spiritual experiences will be sure, as sure as the law-governed processes of the material world. There will be "remission of sins." The old guilt will fall away from my soul as the chains fell from Peter's limbs when the angel touched them. And there will be "the gift of the Holy Ghost." A new dynamic is mine! I enter into fellowship with the power of the ascended Lord.

may the twenty-sixth the uniting
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