June the Twenty-Sixth Crucifying the Flesh
"Arm yourselves likewise with the same mind."
-- 1 PETER iv.1-8.

Let not the body be dominant, but the soul. Let me study the example and counsel of the Apostle Paul.

"I keep my body under." Literally, I pummel it! If it is obtrusive and aggressive, its appetites clamouring for supremacy, I pummel it! Paul was not afraid of severe measures where carnality was concerned. He would fast a whole day in order to put the flesh in its place. And so should it be with all the Lord's children. We are too self-indulgent. It is well at times to put the body on the cross, and crucify its cravings.

"Give no occasion to the flesh." Do not give it a chance of mastery! And, therefore, do not feed it with illicit thought. Turn the mind away from the subjects in which the body will find exciting stimulant. It is thought which awakes passion, and thought can do much to destroy it. "Set your mind on things which are above." Keep the mind pure, and the swine will never enter the holy place.

june the twenty-fifth desolations wrought
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