A New Library of Helpful Volumes for Bible Students.
The Beresford Books.

Uniform Size, Crown 8vo. Uniform Binding, Half-Bound Style. Uniform Price, Half-Crown each.

The Gospel and its Ministry: a Handbook of Evangelical Truth. By ROBERT ANDERSON, C.B., LL.D., Author of "Human Destiny," &c.

Typical Foreshadowings in Genesis; or, The World to Come, and the Divine Preparation for it. By WILLIAM LINCOLN, Author of Lectures on the Revelation, St. John, &c. [In the Press.

Abundant Grace: Select Addresses on Salvation, Warfare, Life, and Hope. By W. P. MACKAY, M.A., author of Grace and Truth. With Biographical Sketch of Author.

"I am Coming": a Book of that Blessed Hope. By Dr. JAMES H. BROOKES, Editor of The Truth.

Truths for To-Day: Seventeen Addresses on Fundamental Truths, by Dr. Neatby, Dr. M'Killiam, Robert Anderson, LL.D., Alex. Stewart, F. C. Bland, G. F. Trench, H. Groves, &c.

Always Abounding; or, Recollections of the Life and Labours of the late George Brealey, the Evangelist of the Blackdown Hills. By W. J. H. BREALEY. Introduction by H. GROVES, Kendal.

The Books of the Bible: Their unity as one Volume, their diversity of purpose, and the spiritual import of each. By Dr. W. P. MACKAY, of Hull, Author of "Grace and Truth."

Old Groans and New Songs; or, Meditations on the Book of Ecclesiastes. By F. C. JENNINGS, New York.

Lays of Life and Hope: Poems on the Atonement, Advocacy, and Appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, in relation to Salvation, Pilgrimage, and the Blessed Hope. By WM. BLANE.

The Final Crisis of the Age: The Apocalypse, or Book of Revelation, considered as such, by THOMAS RYAN, Dublin.

Now and for Ever: Addresses on Truths relating to "Yesterday, To-day, and For Ever." By T. SHULDHAM HENRY, M.A.


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