So Then by the New Calling a Change of Hearts in the Gentiles came To...
So then by the new calling a change of hearts in the Gentiles came to pass through the Word of God, when He was made flesh and tabernacled with men; as also His disciple John says:

And his Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.
Wherefore the Church beareth much fruit of the redeemed: because no longer Moses (as) mediator nor Elijah (as) messenger, [285] but the Lord Himself has redeemed us, granting many more children to the Church than to the first Synagogue; [286] as Isaiah declared, saying:

Rejoice thou barren, that didst not bear. The barren is the Church, which never at all in former times presented sons to God.

Cry out and call, thou that didst not travail: for the children of the desolate are more than of her which hath an husband. Now the first Synagogue had as husband the Law.

chapter 93 and that this
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