And in Jeremiah He Thus Declares his Death and Descent into Hell...
And in Jeremiah He thus declares His death and descent into hell, saying: And the Lord the Holy One of Israel, remembered his dead, which aforetime fell asleep in the dust of the earth; and he went down unto them, to bring the tidings of his salvation, to deliver them. [255] In this place He also renders the cause of His death: for His descent into hell was the salvation of them that had passed away.

And, again, concerning His cross Isaiah says thus:

I have stretched out my hands all the day long to a disobedient and gainsaying people.
For this is an indication of the cross. [256] And yet more manifestly David says:

Hunting-dogs encompassed me: [257] the assembly of evil-doers came about me. They pierced my hands and my feet. And again he says:

My heart became even as wax melting in the midst of my body; [258] and they put asunder [259] my bones, and again he says:

Spare my soul from the sword and nail my flesh: for the assembly of evil-doers hath risen up against me. [260] (Ps. cxix 120; xxii.16.) In these words with manifest clearness he signifies that He should be crucified. And Moses says this same thing to the people, thus:

And thy life shall be hanged up before thine eyes, and thou shalt fear by day and by night, and thou shalt not believe in thy life.

chapter 77 again he says
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