Thus Then the Word of God...
Thus then the Word of God

in all things hath the pre-eminence
; [157] for that He is true man and

Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God; [158] calling men anew to fellowship with God, that by fellowship with Him we may partake of incorruption. So then He who was proclaimed by the law through Moses, and by the prophets of the Most High and Almighty God, as Son of the Father of all; He from whom all things are, He who spake with Moses -- He came into Judea, generated from God by the Holy Spirit, [159] and born of the Virgin Mary, even of her who was of the seed of David and of Abraham, Jesus the Anointed of God, showing Himself to be the One who was proclaimed beforehand by the prophets.

chapter 38 but god the
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