And the Trespass which came by the Tree was Undone by the Tree of Obedience...
And the trespass which came by the tree was undone by the tree of obedience, [144] when, hearkening unto God, the Son of man was nailed to the tree; thereby putting away the knowledge of evil and bringing in and establishing the knowledge of good: now evil it is to disobey God, even as hearkening unto God is good. And for this cause the Word spake by Isaiah the prophet, announcing beforehand that which was to come -- for therefore are they prophets, because they proclaim what is to come [145] : by him then spake the Word thus:

I refuse not, nor gainsay: I gave my back to scourging, and my cheeks to smiting; [146] and my face I turned not away from the shame of spitting. So then by the obedience wherewith He obeyed

even unto death, hanging on the tree, He put away the old disobedience which was wrought in the tree. Now seeing that He is the Word of God Almighty, who in unseen wise in our midst is universally extended in all the world, and encompasses its length and breadth and height and depth [147] -- for by the Word of God the whole universe is ordered and disposed -- in it is crucified the Son of God, inscribed crosswise upon it all: [148] for it is right that He being made visible, should set upon all things visible the sharing of His cross, that He might show His operation on visible things through a visible form. For He it is who illuminates the height, that is the heavens; and encompasses the deep which is beneath the earth; and stretches and spreads out the length from east to west; and steers across the breadth of north and south; summoning all that are scattered in every quarter to the knowledge of the Father.

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