Fragment Xli. This Indicates the Persecution against the Church Set on Foot by the Nations who Still...
This [4884] indicates the persecution against the Church set on foot by the nations who still continue in unbelief. But he (Samson) who suffered those things, trusted that there would be a retaliation against those waging this war. But retaliation through what means? First of all, by his betaking himself to the Rock [4885] not cognizable to the senses; [4886] secondly, by the finding of the jaw-bone of an ass. Now the type of the jaw-bone is the body of Christ.

[4884] These words were evidently written during a season of persecution in Gaul; but what that persecution was, it is useless to conjecture.

[4885] Judges 15:11.

[4886] That is, when he fled to the rock Etam, he typified the true believer taking refuge in the spiritual Rock, Christ.

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