And at that Time the Feast of Tabernacles of the Jews Drew Near. ...
[1, 2] [Arabic, p.107] [1933] And at that time the feast of tabernacles of the Jews drew near. [1934] So the brethren of Jesus said unto him, Remove now hence, and go to Judæa, that [3] thy disciples may see the deeds that thou doest. [1935] For no man doeth a thing secretly [4] and wisheth to be apparent. [1936] If thou doest this, shew thyself to the world. For [5] up to this time not even the brethren of Jesus believed on him. [1937] Jesus said unto them, My time till now has not arrived; but as for you, your time is alway ready. [6] [1938] It is not possible for the world to hate you; but me it hateth, for I bear witness [7] against it, that its deeds are evil. [1939] As for you, go ye up unto this feast: but I go [8] not up now to this feast; for my time has not yet been completed. [1940] He said this, and remained behind in Galilee.

[9] [1941] But when his brethren went up unto the feast, he journeyed from Galilee, and [10] came to the borders of Judæa, to the country beyond Jordan; [1942] and there came after [11] him great multitudes, and he healed them all there. [1943] And he went out, and proceeded [12] to the feast, not openly, but as one that conceals himself. [1944] And the Jews sought him [13] at the feast, and said, In what place is this man? [1945] And there occurred much murmuring there in the great multitude that came to the feast, on his account. For [14] some said, He is good: and others said, Nay, but he leadeth the people astray. [1946] But no man spake of him openly for fear of the Jews.

[15] [Arabic, p.108] [1947] But when the days of the feast of tabernacles were half over, Jesus went [16] up to the temple, and taught. [1948] And the Jews wondered, and said, How doth [17] this man know writing, [1949] seeing he hath not learned? [1950] Jesus answered and said, My doctrine [1951] [18] is not mine, but his that sent me. [1952] Whoever wisheth to do his will understandeth my doctrine, [1953] whether it be from God, or whether I speak of mine own accord. [19] [1954] Whosoever speaketh of his own accord seeketh praise for himself; but whosoever seeketh praise for him that sent him, he is true, and unrighteousness in his heart [20] there is none. [1955] Did not Moses give you the law, and no man of you keepeth the [21] law? [1956] Why seek ye to kill me? The multitude answered and said unto him, Thou [22] hast demons: [1957] who seeketh to kill thee? [1958] Jesus answered and said unto them, I did [23] one deed, and ye all marvel because of this. [1959] Moses hath given you circumcision (not because it is from Moses, but it is from the fathers); and ye on the sabbath [24] circumcise a man. [1960] And if a man is circumcised on the sabbath day, that the law of Moses may not be broken; are ye angry at me, because I healed on the sabbath [25] day the whole man? [1961] Judge not with hypocrisy, but judge righteous judgement.

[26] [1962] And some people from Jerusalem said, Is not this he whom they seek to slay? [27] [1963] And lo, he discourseth with them openly, and they say nothing unto him. Think [28] you that our elders have learned that this is the Messiah indeed? [1964] But this man is [1965] known whence he is; and the Messiah, when he cometh, no man knoweth whence [29] he is. [1966] So Jesus lifted up his voice as he taught in the temple, and said, Ye both know me, and know whence I am; and of my own accord am I not come, but he [30] [Arabic, p.109] that sent me is true, he whom ye know not: [1967] but I know him; for I am [31] from him, and he sent me. [1968] And they sought to seize him: and no man [32] laid a hand on him, because his hour had not yet come. [1969] But many of the multitude believed on him; and they said, The Messiah, when he cometh, can it be that he will do more than these signs that this man doeth?

[33] [1970] And a man of that multitude said unto our Lord, Teacher, say to my brother [34] that he divide with me the inheritance. [1971] Jesus said unto him, Man, who is it that [35] appointed me over you as a judge and divider? [1972] And he said unto his disciples, Take heed within yourselves of all inordinate desire; for it is not in abundance of [36] possessions that life shall be. [1973] And he gave them this parable: The ground of a [37] rich man brought forth abundant produce: [1974] and he pondered within himself, and [38] said, What shall I do, since I have no place to store my produce? [1975] And he said, I will do this: I will pull down the buildings of my barns, and build them, and make [39] them greater; and store there all my wheat and my goods. [1976] And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid by for many years; take thine ease, eat, [40] drink, enjoy thyself. [1977] God said unto him, O thou of little intelligence, this night shall thy soul be taken from thee; and this that thou hast prepared, whose shall it [41] be? [1978] So is he that layeth up treasures for himself, and is not rich in God.

[42] [1979] And while Jesus was going in the way, there came near to him a young man [1980] of the rulers, [1981] and fell on his knees, and asked him, and said, Good Teacher, what is [43] it that I must do that I may have eternal life? [1982] Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou [44] me good, while there is none good but the one, even God? [1983] [1984] Thou knowest the commandments. [1985] [45] [1986] If thou wouldest enter into life, keep the commandments. [1987] The young [Arabic, p.110] man said unto him, Which of the commandments? [1988] Jesus said unto him, [46] [1989] Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not do injury, Honour thy father [47] and thy mother: and, Love thy neighbour as thyself. [1990] That young man said unto [48] him, All these have I kept from my youth: what then is it that I lack? [1991] And Jesus [49] looked intently at him, and loved him, and said unto him, [1992] If thou wouldest be perfect, what thou lackest is one thing: [1993] go away and sell everything that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and take thy [50] cross, and follow me. [1994] And that young man frowned at this word, and went away [51] feeling sad; for he was very rich. [1995] And when Jesus saw his sadness, he looked towards his disciples, and said unto them, How hard it is for them that have possessions to enter the kingdom of God!


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