[1] This leaflet, giving a carefully selected list of Scripture references on the Victorious Life, may be had from The Sunday School Times Company, 1031 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., at 50 cents per 100 copies; or 15 cents for 25 copies; postpaid.

[2] "The Life that Wins" may be obtained from The Sunday School Times Company at 2 cents each; or 20 cents a dozen copies, or [USD]1.50 per hundred, postpaid.

[3] This leaflet may be obtained from the Christian Life Literature Fund, 600 Perry Building, Philadelphia, at 15 cts. a dozen, 60 cts. a hundred, or 2 cts. each.

[A] The 7th chapter of Romans should be read in the light of the 6th and 8th chapters.

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Transcriber's notes:

Obvious punctuation errors repaired.

Page 129, "4" missing from list of Conditions of Prevailing Prayer. The list was renumbered to correct this.

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