The 23Rd Psalm of David.
The Lord, the earth who ruleth,
And with His hand controlleth,
Whose goodness never endeth,
He watcheth me and tendeth.

As long as He is near me
With every gift He'll cheer me,
Of fulness overflowing
The riches aye bestowing.

By pastures green He leads me,
With gladness there He feeds me,
From purest springs revives me,
In need He counsel gives me.

And when the soul is fearful
Through grievous thoughts and careful,
He comfort giveth ever
And knows how to deliver.

My steps aright He leadeth,
And what to do me guideth,
And for His name's sake glorious
O'er fear makes me victorious.

Though often left to ponder,
While in dark vales I wander,
No evil fear I ever,
Distress o'ertakes me never.

Thou standest still beside me,
From wicked men dost hide me,
Thy rod and staff protect me,
And no fear can deject me.

My table Thou preparest,
For my refreshment carest,
When foes are plotting round me,
And seek to pain and wound me.

My head with oil anointest,
My empty soul appointest
Of every good and pleasure
A full o'erflowing measure.

The goodness Thou bestowest,
The mercy that Thou showest,
Till life itself forsake me,
Shall glad and joyful make me.

Thy service will I never
Forsake, but praise Thee ever,
In Thy house where Thou livest,
Reward to goodness givest.

As long as life is given
On earth here, and in heaven
Where I shall stand before Thee,
I'll evermore adore Thee!

to god alone be glory
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